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We'll always have fond memories of Kenny Loggins and his contribution to the original "Footloose" soundtrack. We never would've had the phrase "Kick off your Sunday shoes" without him, a phrase that has become synonymous with images of Kevin Bacon furiously dancing about, a wild and potent portrait of teenage rebellion -- one that had a great tune to go with it.

But the time has come for another "Footloose," and with it a brand new song that summarizes the film's themes of youthful revolution, anarchy and general rowdiness. You watched Big & Rich perform their new ditty, "Fake I.D.," at the CMT Awards earlier this month, and now you can watch the official music video for the song, which features some rabble-rousing footage from the new movie.

CMT is hosting the world premiere of the video -- let's say we kick off our you-know-whats and get a little rowdy?

"Footloose" opens Oct. 14.